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The CurvyFashionista - Nike And The Honeybeez

Posted by Susan Coleman on

A Campaign You’ll Want To Watch Again & Again: Dream Crazier With Nike And The Honeybeez

Seen the latest Dream Crazier Campaign from Nike featuring the plus size dance team from Alabama? Nike and The Honeybeez team up for a campaign you’ll love.

I am not sure if you have been watching the Dream Crazier campaign that Nike has launched. The first video that debuted the campaign, made me cry. I got chills and was legitimately moved by this campaign. Well, Nike just snatched every last tear from my eyes when they debuted the next installment in this series with the Alabama Honeybeez!

The Honeybeez are leading their own movement.

Yes. The plus size dance crew from Alabama State University! The Honeybeez are featured in this video series and y’all. As I watched this video, I could not help but to tear up. I am not sure if you know this about me, but I used to be a cheerleader in college- like the compete on ESPN type of cheerleader. Toe touches, back handsprings and intense stunting type of cheerleader.  From 4thgrade up through college.

And no lie, I miss it. I have even tried looking for old cheer footage just to see and reminisce, to no avail.

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