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Personal Space Mini Air Conditioner Unit

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This is ideal for your own personal space, an Air Cooler just for you!

Digital 7 Colours LED/LCD Timer USB Air Cooler Air Conditioner Device, Humidifier Purifier for Home Office

3 in 1 function of refrigeration, humidification and air purification, the wind speed can be adjusted by 3 gears.
The style of LCD shows a 1-12 hour timing function, and can adjust the 5 gear wind speed, can adjust the brightness of the five gear atmosphere lamp.The LED lamp display has 3 wind speed adjustment.
The adjustable LED atmosphere lamp can be used as a night lamp function at night.
It is mute when use, refrigeration and environmental protection without freon.
Built in water tank 375 ml, once full, can be used for 8 hours.
Working principle: there is a water tank on the right side of this air conditioner fan. It can add water or ice water mixture or other aromatherapy liquids. The bottom of the tank has a small hole to link the bottom of the machine. The water in the tank is sucked up by the water absorbent sheet and the water is soaked. When the fan is started, the water of the water absorbent sheet will pass through the cooling machine. Then the wind is brought out to achieve the effect of humidification and cooling.
Product material: ABS+PC
Product size: 180*150*150 mm/7.1*5.9*5.9"
Product weight: 860 g
Power supply mode: USB or AC current supply (without conversion plug).
Power interface: USB interface - 5V, 2.1A
USB line length: 1.9 m/6.23 ft
Power: 8W
Air volume: 50 CFM
Water tank capacity: 375ml
Endurance time: 8h
The timing time of LCD style: 1-12 hours
Style:LED 3 Gear/LCD 5 Gear 
Friendly reminder: Please keep the small air conditioning horizontal after adding water, do not shake the fuselage at will, otherwise you need to wipe the table for it splash.
If there is water in the process of use, first break the power supply, clean up the water in time, and use when the water is dried.

Helpful hints:This new type of air cooler, because of the internal air circulation and in order to easily pour out the unused water, the bottom is designed to have an unclosed water outlet port, internal ice crystal suction will stop the outlet when using, the air cooler fan can work normally.
Move or tilt, ice crystal suction will shift, will cause water leakage inside the air cooler, so we suggest the user, if you want to move the product,be sure to wait for the water in the tank to drain out before moving.The leakage of water at the bottom is not a quality problem. It is designed for the air circulation inside the cooling fan and the better dispersing of water molecules.  Notes:1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the colour showed on the pictures. Thank you!2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Air Cooler
1 x 1.9 m USB Line
1 x Manual 
Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control
Wind Type: Natural Wind
Air supply mode: Rotary Vane Power
Source: USB
Max Power: <20W Application: 10-15㎡
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
Rotary Vane Quantity: 7Type:
Cooling OnlyType: Air Cooling Fan Certification: CE
Material: ABSPower (W): 8WVoltage (V): 5VItem
Type: Mini Air Conditioner


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